Our newest additions NPS Casual and Solovair Casual have a unique construction method compared to the rest of our footwear collections.

All Casual styles are manufactured using the Stitchdown construction method (also known as Veldtschoen) which dates back to the seventeenth century. As the name suggests it features an upper stitched down to the mid-sole.

Stitchdown construction is a variation of the Goodyear Welted construction method, however there is one main difference. Unlike the Goodyear welt method where the upper leather turns inwards towards the insole, in the Stitchdown method the upper leather turns outwards and is stitched directly to the mid-sole.  The stitch is made using heavy thread using a lock stitch process. Even if one of the stitches should become damaged, the rest will remain in place.  



Resulting in ultra-flexible and very comfortable footwear, it is clear to see why Stitchdown is a popular method of construction.

It may also be useful to know that should the time arise; all Stitchdown construction footwear is easy to repair and can be resoled. As long as the uppers are taken care of, it is easy to re-sole worn footwear. By heat sealing or bonding new soles to the existing welts, our footwear can last many years. Unfortunately we currently do not offer an in-house repair service. We recommend customers contact their nearest cobbler for repairs.

Replacement soles can be purchased from our Accessories Collection here. Please note, replacement soles need to be purchased x1 size larger than your standard shoe size to accommodate for sole trimming.

Please contact us if you require further assistance with sole repairs or refurbishment.