Recently added to our range of leather goods our 8 Eye Zip Guard and 11 Eye Zip Guard save valuable time when putting on your Solovair Derby Boots. 

Step 1:

Gather your laces, boots and 8 or 11 Eye Zip Guards.

Step 2:

Use your lace and run it through the bottom eyelet of your zip guard. It should be evenly spaced so that the zip guard sits right in the middle. One side of the lace shouldn’t be longer than the other.

Step 3:

Now position the zip guard over the tongue and in-between the boot eyelets.

Step 4:

Feed the end of the lace through the first boot eyelets.

Step 5:

Now that you have your zip guard in place, take the lace and loop through the second eyelet, feeding it back through both the boot eyelet and the zip guard eyelet. You may find this easier with the zip pulled down. 

Step 6:

Continue by feeding the lace back through the third eyelet of the zip guard into the third eyelet of the boot.

Step 7:

Repeat this until the all eyelets have been laced. You can now pull each loop created to tighten the zip guard to the boot.

Step 8:

Repeat this for each side until you’ve laced up the entire zip guard.

Step 9:

Tie off a single overhand knot at the end of your laces. If you have extra lace dangling, tuck it under the zipper.