On Friday 5th April 2024 we will be saying goodbye to our friend and colleague Michael. After an incredible 50 years of dedication, passion and expertise, Michael will be enjoying a well-deserved retirement filled with relaxation, new adventures and endless pairs of comfortable shoes.
In 1974, arranged by his two Aunties when he was 16, Michael had a visit from their manager, Mr Boswell, with the intention of convincing him that a position at the Northamptonshire Productive Society would be an excellent career option. By 1983 Michael was the President of the committee until the factory was acquired by a local businessman in 1999 where he continued his shoe making career until the present day.

On behalf of the entire team at NPS Shoes we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Michael and express our gratitude for the significant impact he has made in the shoe industry. This recognition is a testament to his remarkable achievements and contributions, which have left an everlasting mark.